How to connect JIRA Cloud DB using JAVA(REST/Script runner)Program

Need Help to understand how to connect Default JIRA cloud DB,

My Use Case:-

  1. With the Existing issue ID needs updates on some of the fields. Currently we don’t have import functionality in JIRA for this scenario.

Can we get more details on Jira CLOUD Default DB?

like: How to connect through REST API
what is the DB been used for JIRA CLoud

Hi, @basujuttiyavar,

It’s not possible to connect to the Jira Cloud database. The only way of interacting with data in Jira Cloud is through the public REST API or by some Connect app capabilities (e.g. listening to webhooks).

You can learn more about writing apps for Jira Cloud in our documentation:

Thanks Kkercz,

Do you see any performance issue if we try to update issue details in Jira by using REST API if the issue number huge.


Unfortunately, there is no API for updating a batch of issues at once (yet), so you would need to update them one by one. You will need to take performance and rate limits into account. Probably executing thousands of requests in parallel isn’t a good idea, whereas updating one by one sequentially should be fine, only it will take a lot of time. You’ll need to find a right balance.