How to control which projects show Forge project page app entrance?


May I know if anyone has any experience to control which projects to show the project page app?
I know there’s a display condition in the manifest yaml file. But what I want to let users to configure which project can see the app and other cannot see it. Then how to fulfill this requirement?


Hey Yong, sorry but it’s not currently possible to dynamically show/hide UI modules in Jira apps.

As you found, you can use display conditions but they are statically set (e.g. projectType) in the app manifest.

It’s a capability we’d definitely like to add in the future but it’s on the immediate roadmap.

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Hi Adam,

this would be a great feature. We used custom display conditions a lot on Server/DC and we would love to use it with Forge.

Is there a ticket to vote and watch?

I’m expecting this feature…