How to cope with backward compatibility when using an interface

Hi Guys,

Jira 7.2 introduced a new interface called “ExportableCustomFieldType”. I want to use it to properly export my customfield in CSV but I also want my customfield to work in Jira 7.0.

How would you address this without resorting to two version of the add-on? Is it even possible? I don’t think that reflection could help here as it’s an interface and that I’m being called not the other way around.

I know that 7.0 is already EOL and that 7.1 will be in early February but I would still like to support 7.0-7.1.

Thanks for any hint!

Ok, I’ll ask the question differently in hope that someone has gone through this :slight_smile:

Did anyone implemented the CSV export functionality that came in Jira 7.2 while having a single version of the add-on for Jira 7.0 and up?