How to create a database driven custom field?

I am trying to develop a custom field type such as each custom field of that type reads the data from a unique database. I am trying to implement it using active objects. I don’t know if it’s the right way to do it. Do you have any suggestions ?

hi @ej.haikal,

Can you please give us some more information on which application and deployment option your are trying to do this? I’m guessing JIRA Server but that’s just a guess.

And could you also explain your problem a bit more?

Active Objects will only give you access to data that your add-on stores. If you’re looking at other external databases you’ll need to take a look at providing your own database connection pools etc.

But if you have more details it would be good. What type of database? Where is the data coming from? How are you wanting to expose it in JIRA? JIRA Server right? (Particular version?)

I have a bunch of data that I want to store in JIRA and be able to access it using a custom field. The data is not currently not in JIRA, in another database. What I wanted to do is create a place (database) in JIRA where I can store this data, and let all custom field of a specific type (that I have created) access this data. I am using the latest version of JIRA and yes JIRA Server. Any Ideas? Thank you

The add-on called nFeed was developed for this exact use case.
Unless this is a programming excercise for you, I’d suggest you have a look!

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