How to create date time and cascading issue field for cloud App

Hi Experts,

How to create a date-time picker issue field and cascading issue field using issue field module?
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atlassian-connect.json file:

"jiraIssueFields": [
				"key": "purchase-date",
				"name": {
					"value": "Purchase Date"
				"description": {
					"value": "Purchase date"
				"type": "datetime"


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Hi @dchouksey89,

It looks like the Issue Field module doesn’t support creating date and time issue fields, but the REST API does. See


@dmorrow ,

If I use API to create a custom field for my app then May I use below fields option API for app to manipulate field option without any admin permission?

Juts example for cascading select option.

Here is my use Case: I want to manipulate options for my apps fields without admin permission for JIRA user

Fields option API Link: (Jira permissions are not required for the app providing the field)

Hi @dchouksey89 @dmorrow ,

We are also facing the same problem with date-time picker field creation. How to resolve it or is there any alternatives to handle this using ‘jiraIssueFields’?

Hi @hariprasath

You need to use addon permission(not user permission) to create custom fields.

Spring Boot Solution
Syntax: atlassianHostRestClients.authenticatedAsAddon()

 atlassianHostRestClients.authenticatedAsAddon().postForObject("/rest/api/3/field", customFieldRequest, CustomFieldResponse.class);