How to create Form with side by side input fields

Create form with adding css styles, side by side text fields,adding grid system in forge UI kit beta

As I know, you cannot add CSS styles in UI kit and many features are limited. So in our team we use Forge Custom UI to develop our plugin APP .

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Hello @AzharPathan welcome to atlassian developer community.

When you use UI kit, it uses the atlassian design guidelines and in it we do not have side by side text fields.
You can use custom UI instead to achieve the desired state.

Thank you!

Hey @AzharPathan

You can use a table inside your form to display text fields next to each other. I use this as a workaround to display the form fields next to each other and to make forms more compact when viewing e.g. on a dialog.
Maybe that would be an option for you as well.