How to debug update?

Hi all!

I am writing a plugin ( branch name is “first_branch”). It works fine. Then I need to update some logic ( branch name is “second_branch”). When I started “second_branch” on the local computer (new instance) - it works fine.

Now I want to check how my update will work on existing instances. I emulate a similar situation like this: start “first_branch” on the local computer, then “Manage app\Uppload app” and choose “second_branch.jar”. I believe that other users update the plugin in a similar way.

After the upgrade, only part of the new code works correctly. I can’t understand why. And also I can’t understand how I can find the error. How can I debug the new code?

I found the answer: it only need to start Jira instance standalone:

atlas-run-standalone --product jira --version 8.3.0

then add first_branch.jar and add second_branch.jar