How to deploy Atlassian Connect add-on on production?

Hello, I developed an ACE add-on for cloud. Now my question is how can I deploy the add-on on production? I read the config.json file but still I am not sure how it goes? I need some more info about this

You have to create hosting for your application. It has to have ip address accessible from internet since cloud will communicate with your application directly (and once installed the customers will communicate through iframe with your application).
One of the popular options is using heroku I believe and I think in some of the tutorials it’s mentioned.

Thank you Michal for the answer, it help me. But I have another question here, since the add-on is self-hosted, now the next step, about the installation of the add-on to a cloud site, does the URL must be served from the Marketplace or not?

I am not person responsible for managing vendor account so I am not 100% sure, but when you create your listing for marketplace under your vendor you give there your hosting URL for your addon that serves atlassian-connect.json then to the instances.
But I would advise you to confirm this from another source then me, since as I said… I was only watching my colleagues manipulating with listings for cloud apps on marketplace vendor.

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TLDR: For production, it’s best to do via Marketplace.

It is possible to install your app into other instances, as long as the URL is publicly available, using the UPM and install from URL. (The user would have to enable an option for enable developer mode) This option also presents a big warning to the customer to make sure they trust you. You can view how the user could do this here:

All in all, if the app is designed for more than one cloud instance, and not for testing, then best to just go via the marketplace.

You can create a private version and use Access tokens to provide access to beta testers for example. Take a look at this page for this option:

Alternatively if you wish to sell your app via the marketplace, you can just turn the version to public and wait for Atlassian to approve it.