How to Deploy NuxtJS App to Forge


I am using NuxtJS to develop a custom UI forge application. However, I am running into an error deploying the app. In the Docs, Custom UI is looking for an index.html in the resource directory. However, NuxtJS doesn’t have an index.html file, instead it has its own custom names which is recognizable by the start script. How do I get around this?

Can I somehow customize my manifest to tell forge how to start the app?

Forge can’t run your SSR app so you’ll need to generate a static version of your Nuxt app, which can be done this way:

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That’s what I did. However, I made the appropriate changes and then built the app with yarn build. The output however, doesn’t seem to contain an index.html file.

Usually you’d still have to run this app with the start script. So, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to tell Forge.

@PatrickLuy Forge requires an index.html entrypoint for custom UI. Running the start script is running a server with NuxtJS. Forge only accepts static bundles. You may need to look into using the SPA fallback: Static Site Generation - NuxtJS.

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