How to deploy the jira cloud plugin developed using atlassian connect framework

We have created plugin for jira cloud and by enabling developer mode in jira settings we are able to deploy the plugin in our jira cloud using npm start from development system. but when we stop this npm the plugin is getting removed from the jira instance. how can we set this plugin permanently in our jira cloud instance?

Hi @samdanik! The answer is simple as it is: don’t stop it! :slight_smile:
You need a server to make this service available for users 24/7.

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A commonly used deployment platform for cloud apps is Heroku, which should get you up and running in a jiffy. Other solutions are cloud service provides (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform / Firebase) or a VPS hosting solution (Digital Ocean).

@piskunovigorm and @remie thankyou for the response i shall try that