How to detect if users have a self selected image (instead of the default)?

For a new app, I want to show only users with a profile picture. The endpoint /wiki/rest/api/search?cql=type=user returns objects in the following format:

  "publicName":"Automation for Jira",
  "profilePicture": {
  "displayName":"Automation for Jira",
    "title":"Automation for Jira",

There is already I property profilePicture.isDefault. Sadly, this property is always set to false even if the image is just an acronym of the full name.

Are there any other ways to check if users have a self selected image?


We had the same problem some weeks ago. I would consider this as a bug, as the “isDefault” flag is apparently set incorrectly. Could Atlassian elaborate on this? May we open a bug issue regarding that behaviour?