How to determine that Custom Fields power-up is installed on a board using REST API?


I am developing integration with Custom Fields for the Smart Fields power-up.

This new functionality should only function when the Custom Fields power-up is enabled on the board.

There is this API call that returns an array of installed power-ups:

My questions to the Trello team:
What is the most reliable way to interpret this array to determine the presence of the Custom Fields power-up?

  • Can’t rely on looking for the name ‘Custom Fields’ because it is locale-dependent.
  • The plugin-Id for the Custom Fields is 56d5e249a98895a9797bebb9. How stable is this id? If it changes, my functionality will quietly stop working and it will be difficult to diagnose.

Thank you in advance,
Boris Kobilkovsky
Smart Fields for Trello

Yes, the Custom Fields Power-Up ID is static and can be used to determine whether the Power-Up is enabled.