How to differentiate between disabled or uninstalled event for Jira server plugins?

According to here ( “Plugin is disabled via UPM” and “Plugin is uninstalled via UPM” sections) there is no indicator that a developer can know the difference.

I would like to delete my plugin’s database entries and configuration (PluginSettings) only when my plugin is uninstalled not when disabled.

What am I missing?


Having the same issue. Also need to differentiate between install and enable.

@destan did you find a way to do this? Seeing 34 views and no responses. Wondering if it’s an indication that its not possible.

I am having the same question.

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I also have the same question

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No I couldn’t find any way to differentiate those.

Moreover, it isn’t possible and there is a bug report for it:

please support it issue :slight_smile:

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