How to differentiate between Jira Service Desk customers & regular Jira software users through the Jira REST API

I’m using the /rest/api/2/user/picker endpoint to retrieve users in my add-on. The problem I’m having is that Jira Service Desk customers are showing up in these results as well.

I only want users that are actually active on this instance as Jira software users or Jira Service Desk agents.

The same happens when I use /rest/api/2/user/search endpoint.

Is there some flag or query parameter that allows me to do this on the API level?


For the search end point - you can use the permissions query string parameter (I think passing in either use or browse will filter in the JSD customers).

I think though that (I haven’t tried it) will do what you want:

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That will not suffice, since this endpoint will get users based on the issue permission.

Is there any other way to get Jira users without getting the service desk customers along in the results?
Does the user object differ between Jira users and service desk customers?