How to differentiate Jira User and Customer Portal User?

Hello all,
I need to find out if the user is jira user or the customer portal user. I couldnt find a proper way to do that.
Do you know any way to do that?



I had the same question some time ago - How is the best way to tell if a user is a JSD customer or a Jira user from rest? - #4 by miruflin

accountType attribute shows you that



Thank you @sash011 for your answer,
I also use in order to get user for myself regardless of user’s browse users and groups permission. Api says it also gives accountType information but it doesnt. I also need a clarification about that if anyone can help.

Are you sure you are using cloud? Because that API is for Jira/JSD cloud (and my answer as well).

of course, as your answer indicate I can get the accountType from user api but unfortunately I couldnt get it from another endpoint named myself(it also says accountType is given)