How to disable "Share with Organization" on new requests

Hi Everyone

If a Customer belongs to only one Organization then any requests they create, or any ticket created for that Organization by Service Desk agents will default to being shared with everyone else in their organization.

There are various workarounds suggested in the forums- e.g.

  • turning off notifications when a request is shared so no-one notices
  • adding all users to more than one Organization so the default is not shared
  • automating it so that the organization is removed from the ticket when it is created,
    Unfortunately none of them works for us. Jira Support have said we can pay a consultant who may have done this before, or if we want to do it ourselves it may be possible to reverse engineer the database by looking at the SQL to find out how they make the request “not shared”.

Given that this seems to be such a common feature request ( I was wondering if anyone has managed to do this already?


You’ve labeled this as JSD Server, but the ticket linked is for JSD Cloud. Can you clarify which product you’re using? They’re quite different.

Additionally, this is the developer forum – You may get more answers at, just a heads up.

Thanks sfbehnke - We are using JSD Server, but the problem exists in the cloud equally - Organization sharing behaviour is the same even though the underlying platforms are very different. There are plenty of questions asking how to do this on the Atlassian community but no solutions unfortunately. The suggested course of action from Atlassian Support was to reverse engineer the problem by studying the SQL executed on the database and then work out a way of avoiding it programmatically, which I would think is why they suggested I post in the Developer Forum.

We have since decided not to use Organizations at all, so we have elected to use a custom field for this instead

I’m generally not too shy about adding some javascript or something else to make it do what I wanted, so that’s why I asked. We’re going to be adding Organizations in a little bit here and for the most part we just need them to work as they do with some tweaks to the Customer Notifications settings. I figured if I get into the situation where I need to change that behavior I can just set it with some javascript on form load or heavens forbid some other hack.

Anyway I only asked because if you were on Cloud the point would be moot.

Javascript sounds like a good solution if you can get it in all the right places. If you are using the email channel to automatically create service desk tickets, these default to shared with the organization so if you need to change this you might need a custom mail handler. For our business there was too much risk in a sensitive request getting shared accidentally, and only some people at our customers are interested in seeing all requests so we decided not to use it at all.