How to display value of a field in our custom add-on to JIRA Issue Search or using JQL to get it

Hi Everyone :smiley:

We’re using JIRA Software Server 7.4.1.
We create an add-on named Project Configuration where we can input detailed project infor.
In that add-on, we have field Project Type with 4 options: Internal/ External/ Public and Commercial.

However, I can’t search issue belong to any project that have Project Type is one of 4 project type above.

Please take a look at attachment and consult me how to get these Project Type be available in JIRA issue search.

This case is urgent for us as suddenly, this morning, my leader want to have a report of all issues, listed by project type.


Hi TranVanHuu,

in my point of view you have two options how to meet your needs:

  • create new Custom Field of Single select type with your four project types, put this CF on all issues in your projects with corresponding value and you should be able to serach issues by this values
  • or you can create your custom JQL function (see with one parametr (project type). Your JQL function returns issues based on project configuration.

I hope it helps you.

Josef Pavelec