How to distinguish on Create transition post function whether an issue was cloned

In a webhook listening for ‘issue-created’ event we get in body “clonedFrom” property. If it is present, then we know that the issue was created by the Jira clone feature.
However, if we have a post function on Create transition, in body we don’t get “clonedFrom” property :slightly_frowning_face:
Do you know if there are plans to add it or whether is there an open request for it?
I would love to see something like [ACJIRA-29] - Ecosystem Jira but for post-function on Create transition

We have an app that creates issues from templates, we have a post function that can be used on Create transition for that. The problem is that users also want to use the standard Jira clone feature which also triggers the post function. We need to have a way to identify a case then an issue is created by the clone feature and in such case stop the app from applying the templates.