How to do Configuration for production for jira cloud

hello all i am developing jira cloud app. currently i am developing the app in default environment(development ). i am not sure how to configure production environment please suggest.

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Hi @mayank

This depends on your language of choice.
For instance, I develop a cloud app in Java suing Spring Boot. This allows to have different profiles for different environments that configure the apps behaviour.

If your language doesn’t support something like this, then you can take a look into loading a configuration file using a filename pattern. For instance, loading config.yml for default configuration, and also loading config-prod.yml for production, or config-dev.yml for development.
Of course changing the extension to reflect the configuration format you are using.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mark,
thanks for your reply. i am using node.js to develop the the jira cloud app. please suggest.


Environment configuration sounds like a good option although I’m no nodes developer but found this page Node.js Everywhere with Environment Variables! | by John Papa | Node.js Collection | Medium