How to enable or disable modules in jira cloud apps on manage apps


I have created helloworld app in the jira cloud. but it seems, am not able to enable/disable buttons on the modules.

Looks like am I missing configuration on atlassian-connect.json for the module.

I appreciate all your opinions and suggestions.

@kiran.muthoju Jira Cloud does not support disabling Connect apps or disabling individual modules of Connect apps. Apps can only be installed or uninstalled.

Thanks for the update.

@epehrson, can we have any button (in manage apps section) other than configurePage ? If yes, how please?

E.g.: Get started page

@anon62119125, you mean a postInstallPage?

In the future, please don’t post unrelated questions on existing threads. Just create a new thread.

@epehrson, Yes, this is what I have been looking for.

Sure, noted.