How to establish the addon (which works properly on a local machine) to work on a https server?

Hello everyone,
I have developed an ACE cloud add-on with Node.js.
The add-on works properly on a local machine, with npm start and development as an environment. We put the same add-on on a Linux server, and try to start it from our own https server (without ngrok). The configuration is the same as the local machine.
Use case 1: We run the pm2 start npm – start command, the descriptor is served from the https url from the browser, and we successed to install it on the cloud instance (without errors on server), but the add-on is not working, thus is not rendering the content from the endpoints. This is the first use case where we use authentication type set as none.
Use case 2: When we use authentication type: “jwt” and with lifecycle “installed”., we came along with the error :

Does someone has an idea why the addon doesn’t work properly from the server? Is it the wrong command for starting, problem with the authentication types, or maybe the configuration file. (just to note that we want to test the addon on the https server but in the development environment).
Thank you