How to expose issue property value as issue field?

For a while, one of my apps has been storing a count in an issue property. I exposed this value via property extractions so it is searchable via JQL. Recently, I get more and more requests from customers who also want to also “see” and report the issue property value (e.g. in search results in the issue navigator) instead of just using it in JQL.

Does anyone have some suggestions on what’s the best way to do this?

I have researched a few options but none of them seems really appealing to me (yet):

  1. Use an issue field
    Disadvantages are that I cannot use the existing entity property value as field value and it seems not possible to have a read-only field.
  2. Create a custom field
    The same problem as with the issue field (cannot use the existing entity property value) however, there seems to be a read-only custom field type.

Generally, I would prefer a solution that re-uses the existing issue property value so I don’t have to maintain it in two places but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to do this.

Has anyone faced a similar situation before and can give some hints on how they solved it?


Yes. We ended with a code syncing both issue property and custom field, so it is a solution from your point #2.

We did not find anything better, unfortunately :frowning:


Thanks for your reply @jack! That’s a pity, and I am surprised options seem to be still so limited in this area. I will do some more research to see how other apps do this. In this post, @dmeyer recommended not to use custom fields if not for personal use.

I wouldn’t recommend a custom field unless you’re building the app for personal use only

@jack I talked to dev support regarding this issue and as a result there is now this feature request:

Please upvote and ask your co-workers to upvote. Would be good if we could gain some attention on that.


Voted and asked colleagues to do the same.

Thanks @tbinna!

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@kkercz any hope that a feature described here and in will land on a roadmap in the foreseeable future?

We keep getting requests for this quite often.

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Yes, we are planning to put it on our roadmap soon. But I don’t have any specific dates yet.

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:+1: fantastic, that’s great news. Just the indication that this is coming at some point is enough for now. At least we can let customers know and set expectations more clearly with them. Thanks! Looking forward to this feature.