How to fetch the date value from the textbox to the Webwork Action class?

I want to get the value selected value of the date from vm to the webwork Action class, for save operation.
Also for the Rating I am using a third party plugin/library and i need to get the selected rating(eg : 3rd star clicked means rating = 3).

//For Date

  <td class="date"><input name="feedbackMonth" id="startDate" class="date-picker" /></td>

//For Star rating

<tr><td class = "rate"><label>Rating : </label></td> <td class = "rating"><ul class="c-rating" id="el" name = "rating"></ul></div></td></tr>	                          		                             


//For Date

 AJS.$(function() {
        dateFormat: "mm/yy"

My Action Class:

 public class CustomerFeedbackSurveyViewAction extends JiraWebActionSupport


private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(CustomerFeedbackSurveyViewAction.class);

private String project;
private String customerContact;
private Date feedbackMonth;
private String comment;
private int rating;

public CustomerFeedbackSurveyViewAction(){

public String execute() throws Exception {
	System.out.println("In Execute");    	
    	System.out.println("Project : "+project+" CustomerContact : "+customerContact+" Month : "+feedbackMonth
    			+ " Comment : "+comment+" Rating : "+rating );

    return super.execute(); //returns SUCCESS

public String doExecute() throws Exception{
		return SUCCESS;

public String getProject(){
	return project;
public void setProject (String project){
	this.project = project;

public String getCustomerContact(){
	return customerContact;
public void setCustomerContact(String customerContact){
	this.customerContact = customerContact;
public Date getFeedbackMonth(){
	return feedbackMonth;
public void setFeedbackMonth(Date feedbackMonth){
	this.feedbackMonth = feedbackMonth;

public String getComment(){
	return comment;
public void setComment(String comment){
	this.comment= comment;
public int getRating(){
	return rating;
public void setRating(int rating){
	this.rating = rating;

You should just be able to do a setFeedbackMonth(String feedbackMonth) and receive it that way.

Thanks for the reply Daniel, but i have done that, it returns null, same for the Rating also. Any other ways to get the value of the items in action class.