How to find what event is fired at click event

On project view screen in JSD. When you click on Raise a Request link - It opens up a dialog with customer portal screen on it. I am making JSD plugin and I want to capture the event. But I am not able to find the event fired by JSD itself. Is there a easy way to find what events is being fired.

Have you tried looking at the JSD source code? It always helps me to figure out what the host application is doing.

I tried searching for id, context, random keyword(that might be related) in JSD source. Facing bad luck.

I often start from the front-end code, as this is visible. Look at the HTML in your developer console, try to locate this in the JSD source code and work from there. The combination of looking at what happens in your browser and how that translates to the source code has been very helpful to me. In addition, make sure that you unzip all dependencies. Nowadays, the Jira source code does not automatically include all packages. For instance, the project-config add-on source code in Jira is not unzipped by default.


So I did start from front-end found a little to no information regarding the event I am searching for. After that I went for JSD jar, where I did unzip all the dependencies jar inside and then did the search. After no luck I posted question here, is there a easy way to find events.