How to get a list of similar requests (issues) throug the REST API


Our team is currently investigating ways to obtain a list of “similar requests” to a specific issue through the REST API, in a similar way as it is provided through the JIRA Cloud GUI. However, we have not been able to find any API call or data available in the Jira Issue response that provides this functionality.

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether such functionality is currently available through the JIRA Cloud REST API. It would be very helpful to receive guidance on how to access this information, or if it is not currently available, any alternative approaches to achieve this functionality would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @igor_alfirevic

Welcome to the community. Could you please explain with few examples what do you mean by “similar requests”? Like similar in what ways? Is it that the title or summary of the issue contains specific words? Or something else?

Hi. Thanks for the response.
I am providing an image that should clarify. Similar requests is a feature built-in into Jira Cloud.

Ah, got it. I will have to ask the team but if I had to guess, it would be some variation of Search for issues using JQL (GET) API using 2 conditions (as per the text in the screenshot):

  • summary ~ "password failure" for matching with summary of issues
  • text ~ "password failure" for matching with summary of description
    You can join both the conditions with OR operator and pass that JQL to REST API call. Hope that helps.
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I have the similar requirement …did u get any conclusion?

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No. Just a proposal from @aagrawal2. I appreciate his help, hovewer I am not convinced this is the acceptable answer.