How to get all dashboard with "/rest/api/3/dashboard" api

Hi i am new to Jira and I want to get all the dashboards of a user and I go through this and getting that by this /rest/api/3/dashboard URL I can find all the dashboards and also got one more point that Apps cannot access this REST resource and right now I have created Jira platform REST API APP and using its client_id and getting access_token by Auth 2.0 (3LO) but by this authentication process I am not getting the all dashboard, Is there any other authentication process I have to follow to get all dashboard as it is mentioned Apps cannot access this REST resource ? please help me

2 suggestions:

  1. Try doing it on the client side (ie. AP.request).
  2. Submit a request through DEVHELP to the get the resource whitelisted for apps.

Thanks for your response but would you please tell me what is that whitelisted app?

Basically Atlassian has a list of all of the rest apis that a connect app can call. If it’s not on the list - the app can’t make a call (thus the message on the rest page). If you request it to be whitelisted then they’ll review if for any side effects (security, performance and things like that) and if it’s good then all apps can call it.

good explaination, Thanks @danielwester

I can get only the below details


“id”: “23233”,
“name”: “Personal”,
“self”: “”,
“view”: “

is it possible to get the dashboard details as json ? like in the above dash board will show the issues assigned to myself. I want the entire dashboard details as json.