How to get all Project Categories in Jira Cloud from an App?

Hello everyone!

We’re trying to get all the project properties in the Jira instance using the REST API from one of our Apps but it’s not working.

Here you can see the REST endpoint:

It says that this endpoint cannot be used from an App, and I don’t know why. Is there a reason for that? It will be great to find it. And a workaround to get these data too! Because we were using it in the past and we realized that it wasn’t working anymore.

I found another topic talking about that but it seems that the reporter is not looking for it anymore: 403 Forbidden Error: JIRA Cloud REST API projectCategory


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Hi, @alvaro.aranda,

Some endpoints are not enabled for Connect apps because at some point we decided they wouldn’t be useful or would do more harm than good. However, we are open to whitelisting them if there is legitimate need.

Could you shed some light on your use case? What do you need the project categories for?

Hello @kkercz,

Sorry, I forgot to answer you.

In our App Profields we have a Project Navigator. It’s similar to the Issue Navigator but for projects: you can do different filters to look at your projects. So, you have the option to look at your projects based on the category, and for that we were looking to get this data from the App.

I’ve seen that at least in the documentation now we’re able to get this data from the App. I’m gonna test it.

Thanks a lot, as always! :slight_smile: