How to get issue key from commit message?


I have developed bamboo plugin. I want to get issue key from commit message.

I get more issue key like abc-324, test-567, w-32

I only want to get one issue key which has issue in jira

so I want to request this issue key to jira and find jira has this issue with key.

How can I code this method like: (any method, package or api)

public boolean findIssueWithKeyInJira(String key){

// request to jira and find issue

// if issue is found return true

// else return false

return null;


My regex pattern is :

public static final String ISSUE_REGEX_PATTERN = “([A-Z][A-Z0-9]±[0-9]+)”;

public static String getIssuesInCommits(List commitContexts) {
StringBuilder stringBuilder = null;
Set issueKeySet = new HashSet<>();

try {

for (CommitContext commitContext : commitContexts) {
String commitMessage = commitContext.getComment();
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(ISSUE_REGEX_PATTERN);
if (commitMessage.trim().equals("")) {
Matcher issueMatcher = pattern.matcher(commitMessage);
while (issueMatcher.find()) {


if (!issueKeySet.isEmpty()) {
stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
for (String issueKey : issueKeySet) {
stringBuilder.setLength(stringBuilder.toString().length() - 1);

} catch (Exception e) {
stringBuilder = null;
return stringBuilder == null ? null : stringBuilder.toString();