How to get linked issues from API

Hi, so my org uses initiatives, epics, and tasks for product and engineering.

Initiatives are made-up of multiple epics, and epics are made-up of tasks.

We are having trouble with reporting at the Initiative and Epic level.

The epics are just linked to the Initiatives.

Is there any API that grabs issue links?

Or any tools at there for reporting someone could recommend. We have tried Aha, smartsheets, and etc. Nothing really seems to actually work for reporting.

Hello @cpriestley, a couple of things may help;

  1. Check out the JIRA Software REST API - it’s designed to help illustrate the links between all the things in an Agile context.
  2. Check out all the JIRA Reporting apps already available on - there’s a lot of great reporting apps including eazyBI, Dataplane, Epic Reporting Charts, All-in-one Reports, Power Report, and several more.

Hope this helps, -nick