How to get notified when someone installs our app?

Hi fellow-vendors,

I know I can get a list of current installations/licenses through the vendor view of our marketplace page. However, instead of watching the list on regular and manual basis, I’d love to be informed automatically whenever someone starts an evaluation of our app, so we can follow-up with them, offering support etc.

Although there doesn’t seem to be such a functionality provided by Atlassian, I notice that other vendors quickly get in contact with us when we try an addon from the marketplace. I know there’s the REST API which can be used to craft some custom automation, but is there a ready to use tool out there? How do you guys accomplish this?


It was mentioned at AppWeek that Cloud apps update the license report close to immediately. Server apps are done on a delay. I haven’t verified the Cloud app update timing but that might be what you’ve experienced.

Unfortunatley, the only place that has all of the contact info about the licensees is the license report. :frowning:

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For those who may be interested:

We are now using the Confluence app Vendor Sales Report which cannot only notify us of new sales, but also provides input for charts that can give interesting insights. It’s free and open source, so open to improvements from anyone. Very recommendable!