How to get Story Points & Tickets at Sprint start via REST API?


I’m looking for a way to retrieve some data about a Sprint via a REST API, that is already displayed in Sprint Reports (through the JIRA Agile UI):

  • the number of story points at the Sprint start
  • the number of tickets at the Sprint start

When I visit the UI URL:

  • /secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=BOARD&projectKey=PROJECT&view=reporting&chart=burndownChart&sprint=SPRINT&estimate=STORY_POINTS_FIELD

…then I do get the information when I hover over the chart at the top:


I have found a REST API URL that seemed promising:

  • /rest/greenhopper/1.0/rapid/charts/scopechangeburndownchart.json?rapidViewId=BOARD&sprintId=SPRINT&statisticFieldId=STORY_POINTS_FIELD

…but I don’t find the values I’m looking for (78 issues and 188.5 story points) in there, not even when I’m aggregating some of the information.

Is there any API I can use to get the initial number of tickets and the number of story points, at the Sprint start?

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