How to get user Avatar of custom size using jira api

I am using below api to get user informaton
GET /rest/api/2/user

In response I also get avtar urls

"avatarUrls": {
    "48x48": "",
    "24x24": "",
    "16x16": "",
    "32x32": ""

However i need a bigger avtar of size 96 X 96. How can i get it?

I have tried replacing size 48 in url with 96 and it worked. Question is, is this correct way? Is this supported by atlassian?

Hello @shiv

The Get user endpoint is giving you the four paths to the four official size Avatars used throughout Jira. Yes, there is a fifth ‘parent’ Avatar that is stored at 96 x 96 pixels that is used on the user’s profile page and you can access it by altering the number at the end of the Avatar path to ‘96’, but that is the largest size available.

If you need a larger version of a user’s Avatar, you will have to download that 96 x 96 one from that location, then do some post processing in your code to scale it up to to the size you need.