How to get user's project list through its client key?

Hello guys,

We are working on a JSD add-on now. We got user’s client key after installing the add-on.
I’d like to know can we use the clientkey to retrieve the project list owned by this user?

What I want is to make sure that the project name he inputted is actually belonged to him.

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hi Alex,
I think you are confusing the clientKey, which represents the JIRA instance, with the JIRA user who initiated the installation (which you don’t have access to).
However, as soon as the user will go to a page that belongs to your add-on, you’ll receive their user key. From there, you’ll be able to scan projects and keep only those whose project lead is the current user.
Hope this helps

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Hi David,

Thanks for your prompt reply. We’ll go with your suggestion and receive user’s information in add-on tab.

Thank you very much!