How to get version of Confluence server through REST API?

I want to get version of Confluence server through REST API but cannot find a function to do it. Is it possible at all? Thank you.

I think you want the server version of the system info resource. This is the cloud version:

@rmassaioli, Thank you for your prompt reply. Your link looks as a correct answer at first. But it is not the info I m looking for. I need a function to get readable info of the server, such as version of Confluence installed and maybe other details. Instead, your suggested function returns some cryptic info not readable by our support staff. Is there a way at all to query an info about remote Confluence server?

That link goes to the Cloud Docs, this is server.
This API does not seem to exist on Server, however you could use the AppLinks manifest available on baseUrl/rest/applinks/1.0/manifest, e.g. (btw @rmassaioli your Confluence is a bit outdated :smiley: )
This resource should always be available without authentication on all Confluence Server and Data Center installations.


@tobitheo, Thank you so much! It works! It is exactly the info I was looking for. Not easy to discover this magic interface.

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