How to handle post methods in atlassian connect spring-boot framework?

I am developing an atlassian add-on for JIRA using Atlassian connect spring-boot framework. I have one get method which upon submission should go to post method. I gave url of ‘get’ method in my descriptor. Upon submit, I am getting an error like"rejected incomming request for /post method. How to solve this?

I think you should provide some more information to the community like:

  • The section of your App description that shows the problem.
  • How the HTTP POST is being triggered.
  • How you expected it to work. What is your expected flow through the system?

To me it sounds like you are trying to do a HTTP POST back to an iFrame URL in Atlassian Connect for Sprint Boot instead of communicating with your app via REST.

How the HTTP POST is being triggered is through spring boot. I have two thymeleaf pages, on submission of the first page, it should go to the second page. In my descriptor, I mentioned the first page URL, so I can view it on the JIRA instance page. When I submit, the error was “rejected the incoming request for /post method”. I am trying to do an HTTP POST back to an iFrame URL. But I could not understand your statement " instead of communicating with your app via REST". Do I need to do a Rest call for submit?

@prathyusha.gali, what authentication are you using for the form submission? I suspect you may not be using any.

See the README section Authenticating requests from iframe content back to the add-on for how to obtain a self-authentication token which you could use.