How to hook into UI events for a Jira plugin?

I need to be able to hook into JIRA UI events for a plugin I’m developing. Like for example when someone creates a new task and as he types in the “summary” filed, I need to execute some code and show some info bellow based on what’s typing.

I’ve been looking trough the documentation for examples on this but wasn’t able to find this info.

Anyone has any idea how it can be done?

Hello Daniel,

I think the easiest way for you is to add a JavaScript web resource to the create issue screen and in that JavaScript you may hook on the input field based on its id and do whatever you want - even call some ajax endpoint of your plugin.

Refer to to see how web resources may be added. In your case you would add it with the jira.create.issue context.

Let me know if this helped you. Regards,
Vojtěch Schlemmer [MoroSystems, s.r.o., Czech Republic]

Thank you.