How to identify the companion connect app when using connectModules?

I’m using the connectModules to import a couple of Connect modules into my Forge app. When I do this, a companion connect app is created. How can I determine the app key for that app? (I need it in a couple of api calls that I’m executing in the Forge environment)

Hey @danielwester, sorry I didn’t see this until now. It’s a timely question because, all going well, we hope to release support for setting the key yourself, in the next week or two.

Until then, the (admittedly clunky) method can be seen in the demo from this talk. In short:

  1. Grab the sample app
  2. Register it, do a test install and inspect the payload (either in the logs or the saved file) to get the key
  3. Replace the the sample app server and its modules with your actual connect app and modules.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have from using connect-on-forge to help us work out what to do next.



Clarifying question. If I add a connect module it creates the “sibling” connect app. For example if my forge app has a key of Daniels-app I also get an app called

Is the ad1f73fb-d64b-4088-bc93-37e4b9609fcc env or instance specific? Ie can I rely on that for development/staging/production environment and for any jira/confluence to be the same?



Hi, a “sibling app” is an interesting way to think of it. Daniels-app-ad1f73fb-d64b-4088-bc93-37e4b9609fcc is your app’s key, although it’s only used by the connect parts of the app. I’m not sure what you mean by having a key of “Daniels-app” - where are you setting that value? As the name?

The key is stable, and the same for development, staging, and production, in any Jira or Confluence you install it in.

All that said, there is a change just around the corner, probably landing this week, that means the connect key will be able to be specified by you in your app manifest via app.connect.key, and will be per-environment, not per-app. I’ll let you know and link the docs as soon as it’s live.



… and here’s the change! Discussion: Connect and Forge together - #20 by SampadaSakpal