How to identify which Issue is updated from Attachment?

I have an integration setup between Servicenow and JIRA using webhook. So when an attachment is added to the Issue is JIRA, two webhook events are triggered: “attachment_created” and “comment_created”.
However if we check the “attachment_created” JSON body which is sent over to Servicenow, we are not able to identify which issue in Jira was updated.

Can we update the JSON body so that it sends over the issue number/issue ID as well? Or how will we identify which issue was updated in JIRA? Any suggestions?

Hi @AniketBhanse ,

Would it be possible for you to listen to jira:issue_updated events as I believe they will provide both the issue and attachment information.


We also get the “comment_created” webhook event, however, both the events run individually, meaning first the “attachment_created” event executes and then the “comment_created” executes.

Not really sure what you mean by " listen to jira:issue_updated "