How to imitate the People Glance


I would love to figure out how to increment a number on my glance in the same way that the people glance does for the number of users in a room. Is that possible or is this not yet available? I can not find this in the stride docs


It’s not currently possible. The glance supports signaling users for when your app is not yet configured and if you’ve changed the glitch state since they’ve last opened it.

I’d love to understand what you are wanting to do with a feature like that. Are you just wanting a badge like UI element or are you saying you specifically want a user count to show up?

Thanks, and you can find additional documentation for how those different states are triggered in the articles below.

Documentation for Configuration State
Documentation for Implementing a Glance


Yes I want to have a badge that does not require a roll over to see the status of the application. I would like to have graphics and text updates on this area the same as the people glance or the way that apps on the mac doc can have badges and numbers.


Thanks! I’ll communicate that to our Product Managers.