How to inject a js as a web resources in all jira pages

In Jira server app development, you can add a web-resource js file with context atl.general.
This js will be injected in all Jira pages.
Pleased we need something similar for Jira Cloud development.
Any help?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Jira Cloud.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Hi @rwhitbeck
Thank you very much for your reply.
We are trying to inject a js that will call a servlet every 7 seconds.
This servlet will return a json about the new notifications to be displayed.
We need any alternative to keep on listening every X seconds for new notifications and increment a counter icon added as an html element injected in Jira system,top.navigationbar

Currently we are trying to rely on FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), but how can we generate the token once the user open a page in Jira to start the messaging? and how can we increment this html icon counter once we receive new notification?
Your help on this will be much appreciated!!

Is it safe to say that you want a way to integrate with Notifications in Jira? Maybe you could comment and follow this issue: [AC-1110] - Ecosystem Jira

We don’t have support in Jira cloud for what you are trying to do, yet. We also have no short term plans to build a feature that would allow this.

My best suggestion is to have a web-panel somewhere in Jira View Issue that accomplishes what you are trying to do.

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