How to inject IssueBeanBuilder2?

Jira version: 7.13.0
Java version: 1.7
Platform: server

I need to receive SearchResultsBean to get Issues like JSON .
When I started Jira I catch the exception:

The plugin has been disabled. A likely cause is that it timed out during initialisation. It has the following missing service dependencies : &issueBeanBuilder2 of type(&(

my service (I deleted everything that was not needed so as not to distract attention):

public class IssueJiraService implements IIssueJiraService {

     private final IssueBeanBuilder2 issueBeanBuilder;

     public IssueJiraService(@ComponentImport IssueBeanBuilder2 issueBeanBuilder) {
        this.issueBeanBuilder = issueBeanBuilder;

     public ResultsBean getIssueBean(issue){
        IssueBean issueBean =;
        List<IssueBean> issueBeans = Arrays.asList(issueBean);
        SearchResultsBean resultsBean = new SearchResultsBean(0, 1000,     results.getTotal(), issueBeans);
        return resultsBean;

my pom (only dependency for IssueBeanBuilder2):


Jira docs:

Perhaps there is another way to get IssueBean from Issue?