How to layout various UI Kit components?

Is it possible to achieve more sophisticated layouts in a Forge app, while keeping the Jira look and feel?
For example, something as simple as putting elements next to each other or making a button stretch to fill the available space (flex box).

  • Div tags are not allowed inside components
  • Cards/Grids/Tiles or other common web kit components for this purpose don’t seem to exist.
  • I wasn’t sure if custom UI modules in forge allow you to use built-in components.
  • Connect Apps + Atlaskit require a lot more setup, which I couldn’t get to work.

Hi @ThrownException

Thanks for reaching out. If you’re trying to achieve more sophisticated layouts while keeping the Jira look and feel then in my opinion you should try going for CustomUI and Atlaskit. UI kit has its own limitations and it’s rather difficult to style it as you please, also it has much less components to choose from than the Atlaskit. Choosing Atlaskit you’ll have Jira look and feel and choosing CustomUI will let you to style thing more freely.


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