How to market an external application which does not need any installation in jira


I have made a javascript application which works fine with jira server and jira cloud via rest api. It does not need any installation in jira itself to function. However, I would like to license the application.

Should I:

  1. Make a plugin for server and cloud which provides licensing details to my application ?
    In this case I do not know how to make an addon that would work both on server and cloud and provide license details.

  2. License the application externally. In principle my application does not need any addon installed in jira server or cloud. In this case I do not know if it is possible to make a listing on Jira Marketplace for an application which runs externally and does not need any installation in Jira itself.

Please advice what I should do.

  1. It’s possible to do at that point the marketplace is just a landing page.
  2. You can create a basic app in p2 that just has a single rest call that validated the license. Cloud becomes trickier since you would have the rest call on your webspo which would then have to make the call to the server to make sure that a) it has access and b) there is a valid instance.

Out of either of these I would go for #1 since you can do up sell within the Atlassian product through web panels that can assist in converting licenses. If you decide to create your own license outside of the marketplace you’ll have to take care of the billing and license keys etc.

Daniel, thank you for the answer. Much appreciated.

Could you please elaborate on a possible solution? What do you mean with ‘upsell through web panels that assist in converting licenses’ ? Which service would provide the license details via REST ? How would the client install it in his jira instance? Would it work for both server and cloud ?

Thank you in advance.

PS I currently made a very basic jira server addon which simply provides the license details via rest. It does nothing more. For cloud I was thinking about an external licence provider.