How to move "Copy" board menu item down on the dropdown menu?

Hi there,

I’ve been asked by a customer to move the “Copy” button down, because too many user clicks on it accidentally, and there are tons of “Copy of…” boards in the instance.

I didn’t found a way for it, so I’ve decided to remove the button and add it again as script fragment. I’ve managed to remove the original button and add an empty menu item to the right position of dropdown, but I can’t add this “Copy” function.

Any help in moving the original or placing it back with fragment?

Are you talking about a <web-item> created by your plugin/app?

If so it can take a weight property that I believes controls its position.

for eg weight="100"

Unfortunately no. The menu item I have to move, is a system item. It can be found on any board screen.
In the case of a plugin menu item, then the weight property could help.

Try this. This moves it to the bottom of the list.


as long as you detach() and put it back it should keep the functionality :crossed_fingers:

Could you describe, where should I write this code?
I mean, it seems javascript, and in a Scriptrunner fragment I can use only Groovy and XML.
I’ve tried in JSincluder plugin, but it won’t works.

It can be loaded via a Jira plugin/Jira Announcement Banner/As a chrome extension etc