How to Notify users of new features with Cloud addons

As a cloud addon developer, how do we notify subscribed cloud administrators and users of addon updates that include new features/capabilities (or even bugs fixed)?

The Atlassian marketplace documentation indicates it won’t notify users of new versions unless they are major/require new permissions. The users just start using the new version.

We just issued a minor update to our eSign plugin and I was only able to notify the few users (via e-mail) that had requested support/features.

Thanks in advance.

We have Last Updated notice in the footer with link to Blog with relevant changes.


Whatever solution you choose, please make sure to abide to the Marketplace Vendor Agreement:

More specifically:

End User Communication. You may use End User Data to communicate directly with end users, provided that such communication is: (i) with technical and billing contacts, (ii) required under applicable law, or (iii) consented to or requested by the end user. In all cases, you will ensure that any communication with end users is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws (including obtaining all required end user consents). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you shall not send marketing messages to end users within any product experience integrated with Atlassian products without the explicit written consent of Atlassian.

Further explanation of the implication of this provision by @efisher can be found here: