How to open a create issue dialog with pre-populated fields?

Hello there,

I would like to open Jira’s create issue dialog and pre-populate fields. I want to fill in fields such as summary and description programatically.

I’ve looked at the jira-quick-edit-plugin, but it doesn’t seem to support filling in fields.

I planned on updating the fields I wanted through JavaScript since the API doesn’t support it, so I noticed that the jira-quick-edit-plugin triggers a couple of events such as “initialized” and “onContentReadyCallbacks”, but the elements in the create issue dialog are not in the DOM at the moment those callbacks are triggered.

Does anyone have an idea how I might solve this issue?


I wait for onReady() then I use javascript to retrieve the queryparams and set field values, so I accomplished by adding a simple plugin. Would this be useful or am I off the mark?

Thanks for your reply. I’m triggering the dialog with the following code:

var createIssue = require('quick-edit/form/factory/create-issue');

I think your solution assumes opening the create issue view in a new tab. I would like to use the create issue dialog and fill in data in certain fields.

@rwhitbeck do you have any idea?