How to open the Page whose URL provided in the ConfigurePage module in a specific location?

I’ve created my own app and I’ve provided ConfigurePage module within the modules of the App Descriptor.

"modules": {
        "configurePage": {
            "key": "configure-sample-key",
            "name": {
                "value" : "Configure"
            "url" : "/sample.html",
            "location": "system.admin.decorator.header",
            "icon": {
                "width": 16,
                "height": 16,
                "url": "/my-icon.png"

After installing the app, I got the Configure button within Manage Apps page. On clicking that button, the file in my URL loads and occupies the entire screen and Manage Apps [Left-Navigation Panel] disappears..

How can I make my file load within the same page as the configure button i.e. How to load that page on the iframe to the right of manage apps[Left-navigation panel]?

Kindly help me with this! Thanks in advance!

Hi @BharathKumar,

Good that you raised this publicly! More people can see it this way than just PMing me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this as far as I’m aware. The UPM itself also doesn’t live in an iframe as it’s not a Connect app. Could you explain why you want it to work this way and what’s the disadvantage for you in the current situation? If we understand why you want this in the first place, maybe we can find a different solution.


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Actually, in the left navigation panel of that page, I’ve created a section for my app which will have 3 tabs let’s say tabs A, B & C.
On clicking the configure button, I’m going to same page as tab A. There are so many connections between tab A to B & C. It will be comfortable for the user to navigate between tabs. That’s why I was asking.

Thanks & Regards,

I see. There once was a thread about Atlassian planning to work on something like this, however I’m not sure whether there’s been any progress on this.


Great! that helps!
Thank you so much taking the time to respond…