How to pass multiple parameter values from macro editor to backend

Hi Team,

I have customized the macro editor pop up window to load an iframe window on left hand side . I have an requirement , that I need to pass some parameter values based on what user selects in the iframe. I am having a JS function which is returning me the required values.

Is there any standard way to pass these values as parameter back to execute method of macro backend ? So that i can render those values on confluence page.


Hi Team ,

Any update on this ?



I know little about Confluence macros, except that I know there are at least 3 different ways to build one. And the way you are building will be critical information for the Atlassian developer community to help (Bentley says, “Category, category, category”.) Is this a Java plugin for Confluence Server/DC? Or is this a Connect or Forge App for Confluence Cloud? Sorry I can’t answer regardless of the approach, but I hope extra details would someone who can.