How to perform issue update on behalf of another user?

how to perform issue update on behalf of another user ? … is it possible or not

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Hi @Nagaraja ,

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Yes, this is possible with the Atlassian Connect framework. The User impersonation for Connect apps explains how to achieve this.

Other frameworks such as Forge also allow user impersonation, but your question included “another user” so I assume you wish to impersonate the other user without their direct consent interrupting the flow. The Connect framework allows this when the app requests the ‘ACT_AS_USER_SCOPE’, but other frameworks such as Forge require the end user’s consent first. So to clarify, other frameworks allow you to do user impersonation, but it depends on what you mean by “another user” as to whether they can do exactly what you want.


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we wish to stick with Forge app…
can we impersonate the atlassian-addons-user which is available by default ? does it need any kind of consent ??

@dmorrow , thank you for your insights… I have the similar use case in Forge app…

As an admin I wish to to select a ‘run as user’ from among all users in Jira. The plugin has a module which perform issue update via API. Once ‘run as user’ is set, I expect to perform issue updates in behalf of that user.

I have the following questions…

  1. I cant see any issue update API, supporting update on behalf of other users.
  2. I am okey with making that ‘run as user’ user to provide the consent once. Once done can any Jira user perform issue update on his behalf ?