How to place Text Area below Description Field

When making a new Custom Field, it always takes up space at the top of the JIRA. It would be nice if I could locate Text Area Custom Fields in the same area that Description Occupies when viewing it. Is there an easy way to do this?

There is not an easy way to do this. The Description field does not have a ‘view’ and instead is rendered in a panel. You could conceivably create a new type of field that similarly does not show up on the Issue View and instead is rendered via a Web Panel in the same fashion as the Description field.

I have created a few plugins in that past, is there some example code of how I might go about doing that? Really all I want to do is add a Text Area to the current Description Web Panel or if I have to add a Text Area to a new Web Panel and then add that new Web Panel just below Description.

I am okay with that, is there any sample code that I could use that would help me make a JIRA Plugin like this?